Training for agricultural cooperatives of Armenia

September 17-21, 2021

Byurakan village, Aragatsotn marz


A series of AGRI CAMP trainings for agricultural cooperatives started in Byurakan on September 17. Promotion of innovative solutions in the field of agriculture was the idea of the 5-day training. Dried fruit makers of Aragatsotn marz participated in the training. Byur-Akn agricultural cooperative known as Chir’s House / Չրի Տուն was the host of the training.

The training agendas were quite full, thanks to the skilled experts conducting the training. During the first day of the training the Expert Levon Movsisyan presented the idea, principles, values, and advantages of cooperatives as well as the benefits of member shareholders.

The importance of having appropriate knowledge and skills in meeting the needs of cooperatives and in providing good services was the topic of discussion during the second part of the day. Management of cooperatives and members’ participation was also discussed in order to promote involvement of the participants in the activities of their respective cooperatives.

We express our gratitude to Levon Movsisyan for willingly sharing his experience and knowledge with the AGRI CAMP beneficiaries on a volunteering basis.

Over the next two days, experts Levon Movsisyan and Anahit Navasrdyan introduced the participants to the marketing services in the cooperatives, financial management, accounting, taxation, business planning, financial flow forecasting, and preparation of the cooperative’s financial reports.

The 4th day of the course was dedicated to branding and marketing topics. Branding and marketing Expert Elvina Asatryan shared her international experience with the participants. She also talked about innovative marketing trends, and, through an interactive game, presented various interesting strategies for creating a brand.

The last topic of the day was on combating human trafficking in Armenia and was conducted by David Tumasyan. The Expert introduced the concept of human trafficking and talked about human trafficking in the world and in Armenia.

The closing day of the training was both useful and enjoyable. The AGRI CAMP team, together with dried fruit maker cooperatives of the Aragatsotn marz, participated in the “Communication Skills and Public Speaking” course, led by Lilit Asatryan. Shahen Mirakyan, the AGRI CAMP Program Coordinator presented the details of the upcoming in-kind grants competition during the last part of the training.

The participants of the training eager to apply the new knowledge and skills gained through the training to improve the services of their agricultural cooperatives. We wish them good luck and looking forward for further fruitful cooperation with the AGRI CAMP Program.