Networking, Team Building and Personal development, Enhancing Development Skills of the ANAU Staff

2-day training for ANAU staff and faculty

November 27-28, 2021

ANAU staff and faculty successfully participated in a two-day training on  “Networking, Team Building and Personal Development” on November 27 and 28 at the newly opened “AgriCamp” Practical Learning Center  “Zartonk” Complex. The training was organized by ICARE Foundation within the framework of the AGRI CAMP program funded by USAID.

Welcoming the participants, Lusine Tadevosyan, the Program COP, referred to her years of study at ANAU and expressed her gratitude for trusting the Program and participating in the course. The point is that most of the  AGRI CAMP staff members are ANAU graduates. “Of course, it is a bit unusual to invite your former lecturers to your Program trainings. However, it makes your day when you hear at the end of the course that, despite of their rich background, they appreciate such interactive trainings with modern approaches and are ready to apply the skills  gained during the classes in their further activities and will transfer the acquired knowledge and skills to their ANAU colleagues”, – Lusine Tadevosyan said after the training.


The training was held with lively group discussions and interesting exercises due to Lilit Asatryan, an international expert, consultant, coach and skilled trainer.

Individual  and organizational networking  was one of the topics of the first day of the training. The participants learned teamwork and leadership skills.


The next day started with discussions on Time Management. Then, in an interactive way, the participants got acquainted with the peculiarities of network cooperation and the types of leadership.

Conflict Management and Negotiations activities caugt the attention of the participants most of all. In order to master the topic  participants were asked to conduct negotiations in a realistic context. As a result negotiations have been conducted in such a lively and skillful way that there could be no more doubt about the effectiveness of the course.

By the end of the training the participants were awarded well deserved certificates.

The USAID financed AGRI CAMP Program, implemented by ICARE Foundation, is a three-year program launched in May 2020. The establishment of the “AgriCamp” Practical Learning Center on the basis of existing facility of the ANAU at the Aghavnadzor village of Kotayk region, is one of the four main objectives of the Program.

The AGRI CAMP Program aims to promote the development of innovative agriculture in Armenia by fostering triangular partnership between industry sector, students, young professionals and agripreneurs through hands-on and innovative agricultural trainings and skills building.

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