AGRI CAMP Beneficiaries Participating in the “Yerevan Wine Days 2024” Festival

The beneficiaries of the AGRI CAMP Program participated in the “Yerevan Wine Days 2024” festival and the “Wine and more: Business Market 2024” event. The latter is a new project that was held in parallel with the “Yerevan Wine Days” festival on June 7-9.

The festival, full of rich flavors of Armenian wine, once again surprised the guests who arrived in Yerevan, including famous chefs. The USAID/Armenia team also joined the joyful crowd in Yerevan to celebrate the magic of wine.

“For years, USAID has supported the private and public sectors to strengthen the economic security and resilience of Armenia. Wine production and sales are, of course, an important part of these efforts,” said USAID Armenia Mission Director John Allello, welcoming the 7th anniversary of the festival.


Some of the beneficiaries of AGRI CAMP Program participated in the festival for the first time. Famous American chefs Mary Sue Milliken and Lenora Marouani were particularly impressed by “Savar” wines and “Borisovka” cheeses.

After tasting various other wines, chef Mary Sue Milliken couldn’t contain her admiration. “It’s incredible. I didn’t know that there is a whole universe of Armenian wines, and those wines are wonderful,” she said.

The booths of our other beneficiaries participating in the festival with the support of the USAID funded AGRI CAMP Program of ICARE Foundation were always lively and crowded. The visitors tasted the presented wines and cheeses, expressed their admiration, asked questions and listened to the memorable stories of the producers.


For the beneficiaries of the AGRI CAMP, participating in the “Yerevan Wine Days 2004” festival and the “Wine and more: Business Market 2024” event was a great opportunity to present their products and create new business contacts.

The words of appreciation go to all our beneficiaries for active participation and for being warm, hospitable and open-hearted with the visitors.

  1. Alexandrea winery LLC
  2. Yeganyans’ Guest House and Wine Yard
  3. Matevosyan Wine LLC
  4. Mijnaberd Alco
  5. Stepanyan Gastro Yard
  6. Savar Wines
  7. Voskeni Wines
  8. Simonyan’s Family LLC (Sentimental wine)
  9. Grigoryan Group
  10. Antonyan Group LLC (lemontani)
  11. Borisovka LLC
  12. Mantashi Milena AC (Milen)
  13. Roza 1 AC (d’Rose)
  14. Manuk Kat LLC
  15. Erpin AC (Art Cheese)

Wine and more: “Business Market 2024” event participants:

  1. Mornin Muesli
  2. Aygi Products – Cider production
  3. Meej – honey water
  4. Poonj – canned food and compotes
  5. Sipan – cannery production
  6. Van Food – cannery production


On June 9, famous chefs Mary Sue Milliken and Lenora Marouani along with our USAID colleagues also visited the plant of ” Fruit Food ” company, which is a beneficiary of the AGRI CAMP Program. The guests got acquainted with the production processes and tasted the assortment made of delisious Armenian dried fruits.

Pleased by the interest and praise expressed by the visitors after tasting the products, the producers also heard useful professional advice, which will certainly help to further improve the quality of healthy sweets made with domestic natural raw materials.