AGRI CAMP beneficiaries successfully participated in “PANARMENIAN EXPO 2023”

Among the 145 participants of the “PANARMENIAN EXPO 2023” aimed at increasing the recognition of national products, there were also the beneficiaries of our Program, who represented the AGRI CAMP joint pavilion.

The organizers of the event provided almost all the tools that promote businesses and interaction such as B2B events, round tables, meetings with organizations and distributors interested in this or that product, etc.

Almost all sectors of the economy were represented. There were also opportunities for cooperation with foreign companies, which participated in the exhibition not only to sell but also to buy.

RA Economy Minister Vahan Kerobyan, welcoming the participants of the exhibition, noted that only by strengthening the economy it is possible to overcome the most serious challenges that our country is facing today.

The exhibition was a good opportunity to create new perspective contacts for the beneficiaries of the AGRI CAMP Program funded by USAID. They personally communicated with visitors showing the exhibited product and telling stories about people who made them.


The following beneficiaries of our Program presented their useful, tasty and unique goods at the three-day PANARMENIAN EXPO 2023 exhibition:

  1. ArmFruit brand founded by Khachatur Grigoryan (SP) with its production of dry fruits/vegetables/herbs;
  2. “Rosa 1” (AC) d’ROSE brand, which specializes in the production of dairy products, in particular, cheese;
  3. The farming group “SMART FARM SPITAK” is engaged in the production of asparagus in the city of Spitak.
  4. The Lori Farm brand, founded by Suren Grigoryan (SP), is engaged in the production of high-value crops;
  5. “Famma Food” LLC NURINI brand with its canned vegetables, jams and compotes;
  6. “NARVEST” agricultural cooperative with high-quality pear varieties;
  7. Production of dried fruits/vegetables (cherries, apricots, black plums, peaches, Victoria plums, tomatoes, etc.) of the HAYKMARI brand of Roman Hambardzumyan (SP);
  8. Karine Hayrapetyan, production of Aygi Products brand cider;
  9. Tigran Harutyunyan MEEJ honey water production;
  10. Magda Karapetyan “Mornin” brand, production of muesli.

“This is a great opportunity not only to show products, but also to tell our personal stories and caring attitude,” Artashes Karapetyan, the founder of the “Smart Farm Spitak” said during our conversation.

“PANARMENIAN EXPO 2023” took place at the K. Demirchyan Sports and Concert Complex on October 6-8. The event was organized by “Prom Expo” LLC and the Chamber of Commerce & Industry of Armenia.


“Such events are extremely important for raising awareness of our product and promoting business. Thanks to the AGRI CAMP Program, we managed to create many connections during the “PANARMENIAN EXPO 2023″, which, I am sure, will open new perspectives for us”, said Magda Karapetyan, founder of “MORNIN” LLC.

Let’s hope that the expectations of our participants related to the exhibition will be justified, contributing to the development of the country’s economy.