Chocolate with Wheat Bran

Topic: Chocolate with dietary fiber

Students: Izabella Khachatryan, ANAU, Faculty of Food Technology, Department of Bread, Confectionery and Pasta Production Technologies

The AGRI CAMP Program grantees Isabella Khachatryan wants to create products that will have a beneficial effect on people.

Why did you decide to choose this research topic?

  • I’ve loved chocolate since I was a child and I have always heard that it can harm. That’s why I always wanted to create useful chocolate. Dietary fiber is essential for the human body. They clean the intestinal wall, absorb toxins, neutralize harmful substances, reduce the risk of poisoning and improve digestion. I thought that I could get a new type of chocolate, which would contain dietary fiber. To create a yammy and useful chocolate, I decided to use wheat bran, which is an excellent source of fiber.
  • When I heard about the Student Research Grants announced by the AGRI CAMP Program, I applied with pleasure and got the opportunity to implement my idea.


How did your initial assumptions change during the process of research?

  • At first, everything seemed easy and quick to implement. During the research I realized that what I am going to do is quite a serious job that requires a lot of efforts. Now I try to look at this research process as a scientist.


What new experiences have you obtained through participation in the AGRI CAMP Program?

  • As this is my first experience of applying for a grant and doing research, I have encountered and learned to look at different problems as challenges, demonstrating the will, professional approach, and ability to find solutions.

How does the scientific environment contribute to the research process?

  • The scientific environment has a great influence on my professional development. Now I look at everything through the eyes of a researcher, trying to find the scientific evidence of all the phenomena, carrying out all the necessary studies and experiments. Dr. Narine Hovhannisyan, my research supervisor, and Docent Armenuhi Petrosyan provided invaluable support during my research work.
  • In addition, my research work has been facilitated by a number of accredited laboratories, including the Food Safety Research Laboratories and the National Standardization and Metrology Testing Laboratories.


How will the successful completion of the research affect your future professional career?

  • I hope that the successful completion of my research will lead to the publication of my first manuscripts, which will help me to continue my career as a researcher.

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Supervisor՝ Narine Hovhannisyan, Ph.D., ANAU

Activities outlined under this objective of the USAID-funded AGRI CAMP Program tend to empower ANAU students’ engagement in Research and Development.

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