Establishment and development of an intensive pear orchard

“NARVEST” agricultural cooperative was founded under the leadership of Nairi Saghatelyan. The five members of “NARVEST” have been operating in the field of agriculture as individual farms since 1991.

The Cooperative intended to develop and expand its agribusiness and produce high-quality pear varieties, which correspond to the climatic conditions of the mountainous regions of Armenia.

For this purpose, in 2022, “NARVEST” applied to the State Support Program for Agriculture and established a modern intensive orchard with high-quality pear varieties, equipped with a drip irrigation system and anti-hail nets, in the Geghamavan community of the Gegharkunik region.

With the support of the USAID-funded AGRI CAMP Program, the Cooperative received a Tiller (Rinieri FS/200) and an orchard sprayer (ESMESAN-1000), which will  allow to increase agricultural work efficiency in the orchard.