Expansion of “Goods of the Mountains” freezer farm

Marine Khachatryan SP has been cultivating high-value crops for the last 5 years․ The farmer built a 300 m2 greenhouse on her land to grow and sell high-value seedlings.

The SP created the brand of “Goods of the Mountains” in 2017, as well as expanded the farm by establishing refrigeration and freezer compartments. The farm produced frozen vegetables such as lilies (shushan), brussels sprouts, green beans, corn, etc, as well as frozen berries such as raspberries, blackberries, currants, cranberries, cherries and mulberries. By the way, mulberry freezing will be carried out for the first time this year.

To reduce the cost of production, the farmer installed solar panels.

Recently, with the support of the USAID-funded AGRI CAMP Program, the Marine Khachatryan SP received a Vacuum Packaging Machine and stainless-steel table-sink for washing vegetables and berries.

Currently, packaging machine value-adds to the final-produce via professionally packing fruits and vegetables before suppling them.

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