GOLD Granula

The StartUp Innovation: Creation of effective natural granular fertilizer on the basis of poultry waste and manure, which is free from unpleasant odor and cannot be the cause of fungal diseases.

The team offers production of “GOLD Granula” natural granulated fertilizers, which, thanks to special heat treatment, could absorb and retain a large amount of water.

Within the framework of the AgriThon2 we talked to Mary Sahakyan, the Coordinator of the “GOLD Granula” startup project.

Participation in the first stage of the AgriThon2 Incubation   

  • Through participation in the AgriThon2, we learned how to properly plan the business. Thanks to the AGRI CAMP Program mentors and experts, we identified our strengths and assessed our opportunities. As a result, our enthusiasm and desire to achieve new successes increased even more.
  • Every business idea, from conception to implementation, faces many problems, as a result of which many ideas remain unfinished. I also had to overcome some challenges. Finally, I decided to establish a production of natural fertilizers.

The startup is to solve the following problems:    

  • Fertilizers are a powerful means of increasing the quality of agricultural products, when applied in a certain amount, taking into account the characteristics of each crop. As a supporter of fertilizing with natural raw materials, we studied the field, talked with farmers, and identified the existing problems:
    • A number of fungal diseases occur as a result of the use of unprocessed manure and bird droppings,
    • Unpleasant smell makes it difficult to transport and store manure,
    • Natural bird droppings and manure hardly retain moisture and are difficult for plants to absorb.
  • Taking into account these problems, we tried to create a granulated, natural fertilizer made of bird droppings and manure, which will not only be odorless, absorb and retain a large amount of water, easily absorbed by plants, while excluding all types of fungal diseases, but will also be effective and affordable for farmers.
  • In addition, new logistical and geopolitical problems appear every year, as a result of which fertilizers imported to Armenia are becoming more and more expensive, automatically increasing the cost of agricultural products. Our innovation, being domestic and affordable, will also reduce the dependence on equivalent foreign manufacturers to some extent.

Stages of the startup project implementation

  • It will take 3 months to implement the idea, during which all the necessary equipment and raw materials will be acquired, cooperation agreements with suppliers, as well as trade points that want to cooperate with us and through which the sale of our production will be carried out will be signed.


Team members: Mary Sahakyan (team coordinator), Karen Kandazyan, Sasun Sahakyan, Narek Martirosyan

Startup implementation address: Meghri, Syunik marz


AgriThon is a competition/platform for startup ideas with innovative solutions in the field of agriculture, implemented by the ICARE-Armenia Foundation within the framework of the USAID-funded AGRI CAMP Program.

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