Installation of electronic multifunctional scale for weighing large cattle

Gevorg Ananyan has about 10 years of experience in agriculture. In addition to horticulture, the farmer was also engaged in animal husbandry in the Jrashen community, Ararat region.

Gevorg Ananyan Sole Proprietor now owns Smart barn with high-breed cows and modern technologies installed in it with the help of the State Assistance Program. The farm produces milk, which has been supplied to “MILKO” milk processing enterprise.

With the support of the USAID-funded AGRI CAMP Program, the farmer received an electronic multifunctional animal weighing scale to monitor the dynamics of cattle growth.

Based on the weight pattern, the farmer can now find out sick animals at early stage and do a proper intervention. In addition, the weighting system will allow to do proper farm management, including artificial insemination in the right time.

Recently the farmer also purchased a milk cooling refrigerator as a co-investment.