Installation of Greenhouse Heating and Cooling system

In 2019 Taron Khodedanyan built a 700 sq.m. greenhouse in Darakert community, Ararat region. The Farmer used to cultivate lettuce 3 times a year. Although the greenhouse was equipped with drip irrigation system and homemade heating stoves, without any cooling system they could not provide the necessary temperature in very cold weather and in the hot summer to be able to grow neither tomato, nor any other plants.  Thus, the greenhouse was idle for 4 months a year.

With the support from the USAID-funded AGRI CAMP Program, currently, the greenhouse is equipped with the Heating and Cooling systems due to which a favorable temperature in the greenhouse will be provided a year around, which will make it possible to effectively grow different crops including tomatoes, cucumber, lettuce, etc.

After provision of the in-kind grant from the AGRI CAMP Program and according to the agreement, the Farmer produced and delivered 450-460 thousand tomato/pepper/eggplant seedlings.

The USAID-funded AGRI CAMP Program provides technical assistance and limited co-investments to the most active and successful cooperative members and SMEs/farmers to support the implementation of economic stimulus programs of the Government of Armenia. 

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