“Interactive Learning Methods”

4-day training for ANAU lecturers and staff

May 24-27, 2022

A 4-day training on “Interactive Learning Methods” was held on May 24-27, 2022 for ANAU lecturers and staff within the framework of AGRI CAMP Program.

How to make learning student-centered, how to provide constructive feedback, what is the “flipped classroom” model? The interactive atmosphere created by the ICARE experts Lilit Minasyan and Gayane Grigoryan facilitated the mastering of these and other important and topics.


Knowing the students, knowing their motivation, dreams and background is the key to the success of educational process – this basic idea of ​​student-centered teaching caught the participants’ attention.

Hot discussions took place especially around active and collaborative learning strategies.


What technological solutions can be used in classrooms? This question could not leave anyone indifferent. A guest speaker, Artak Tovmasyan from Tutor Platform, has been invited to introduce “Technologies as an interactive learning tool” topic. Tutor Platform develops education technology solutions in education, striving to make education more effective and accessible to everyone.

Do technologies make training effective? Nearly 40 years of research show that the affirmative answer to the question is beyond doubt.

Through a four-day training the participants were introduced to the latest teaching approaches. However, in order to acquire and strengthen new knowledge and skills, they need to be applied. We wish good luck to the participants in making the teaching process more student-centered and interactive.