Production of natural milk and whole milk products

Arthur Nazaryan founded “Yerpin” Agricultural Cooperative (AC) in 2017, which is specialized in cattle breeding and cheese production. The Cooperative produces approximately 10 types of cheese, including high-value cheese such as Yelpin Mix, Lori, Chanakh, Gouda, Suluguni, Mozarella, etc. The products are being supplied to both local and export markets

For the production of cheese, the cooperative utilizes milk produced in the farms of cooperative members, as well as collects milk from nearby communities.

For the development and expansion of agribusiness, “Yerpin” AC intended to invest in the production of sour milk products, the demand for which is high both in the Vayots Dzor region and throughout the country.

With the support of the USAID-funded AGRI CAMP Program, the Cooperative received a Milk Homogenizer, which will give a possibility to control fat levels in milk in order to receive sour-milk products. In addition, the Cooperative renovated its production building and purchased a milk dispenser.

The development of the cooperative allows to buy larger quantities of milk from farmers, produce and export different varieties of dairy products.

In nearest future the Cooperative plans to produce Eco-Sour Cream, Eco-Tan and Eco-Yogurt as well.

Moreover, currently the cooperative expands its milk collection points to the neighboring communities, which in its turn will contribute to the wellness of the community members.