SkyAgro Academy

The StartUp Innovation: Creation of an agropilot training course

Within the framework of the AgriThon2 we talked to Emin Martirosyan, the Coordinator of the SkyAgro Academy startup project.

Participation in the first stage of the AgriThon2 Incubation            

  • By participating in the Agriton incubations of the AGRI CAMP Program, we gained important practical knowledge and skills, created new interesting connections, assessed our weaknesses strengths and gaps, had fruitful cooperation with mentors, who continue to help us with their valuable advice.

The startup is to solve the following problems:            

  • SkyAgro has been implementing spraying with the help of drones for 2 years already. During that time, we realized that professional agropilots are needed to work more quickly, effectively and safely. We discussed with the AgriThon team our different ideas on how we can solve this problem. This is why we decided to create SkyAgro Academy school/course modules for the training of agropilots, which can be attended by all those who are interested in the development of agriculture in Armenia and want to acquire a new and sought-after profession in this field.


  • Thanks to our SkyAgro Academy, we will have qualified agropilots in the country. As a result of their work neither the crop nor the drone will be damaged, which often happens nowadays.
  • Graduates of our courses will be encouraged the use only organic materials.
  • And after completing the course, the best agropilots will be hired by the SkyAgro.

Stages of the startup project implementation

  • In SkyAgro Academy, we plan to have training videos as well. Therefore, we will also have our YouTube Channel, where we will post our video lessons.


Team members: Emin Martirosyan (team coordinator), Artur Hakobyan, Elen Avetisyan, Mihran Sahakyan

Address: Yerevan


AgriThon is a competition/platform for startup ideas with innovative solutions in the field of agriculture, implemented by the ICARE-Armenia Foundation within the framework of the USAID-funded AGRI CAMP Program.