Solar Hives

Innovation: Creation of beehives heated and ventilated by a solar panel

The team offers beehives with a solar panel due to which the hive is heated by a heater and ventilated by an air conditioner.

Details about the participation in the first stage of AgriThon1 Incubation and the startup idea are presented by the team leader Galust Galstyan.

Participation in the first stage of the AgriThon1’s Incubation       

  • Thanks to AgriThon1, we gained new knowledge we needed, which we used to refine our idea and present ourselves properly in the market. I attach great importance to the courses organized for us and the cooperation with the mentors.

The startup is to solve the following problems: 

  • The technology offered by us is not used in Armenia yet. Existing beekeeping farms mainly use Soviet-era equipment that is inefficient and impossible to use in large beehives in the field.
  • The advantage of the presented technology is that it does not depend on the electricity network and is operated in a very simple way.
  • The idea was born when we found out that due to climate change, the productivity of bee colonies has decreased in the last decade. The beehives we offer will allow beekeepers to develop bee colonies even in adverse weather conditions and get powerful bees before the main honey harvest.
  • The beehives equipped with our equipment will enable small and large farms to save electricity and increase the yield of bee colonies by up to 40%, which will enable them to sell their product at a competitive price in local and international markets.

Stages of startup project implementation:

  • The idea can be implemented in 6-8 months, which includes the purchase of machine tools and reconstruction of the workshop and the organization of the main production.

Team members: Galust Galstyan, Nairi Galstyan, Narek Vardanyan, David Baghdasaryan

Startup activity address: Geghashen village, Kotayk region

AgriThon is a competition/platform for startup ideas with innovative solutions in the field of agriculture, implemented by the ICARE-Armenia Foundation within the framework of the USAID-funded AGRI CAMP program.