The Beneficiaries of the AGRI CAMP Participated in the “ARMPROD EXPO 2023” Exhibition

Under the joint pavilion of AGRI CAMP the beneficiaries of our Program participated in the international food exhibition “ArmProd Expo 2023”, which is designed to promote the effective sale of quality food products and provide an environment where domestic companies can establish new contacts with leading producers and distributors.

The following brands and products of our beneficiaries were presented at the three-day “ArmProd Expo 2023” exhibition:

  1. “ArtCheese” brand of “Yerpin” AC;
  2. Fruit Food /production of chocolate-covered dried fruits, pastries, fruit lavash, dried fruits;
  3. “Garni Garden” brand /almonds, walnuts, pistachios/;
  4. “Parinj” brand /organic processed wheat and organic processed wheat flour, etc./;
  5. “lemontani” brand /cheese production/;
  6. Bio Berry greenhouse strawberry production;
  7. Arega Honey;
  8. Alpia innovative beehives and honey;
  9. MEEJ honey water in smart glasses;
  10. “Mornin” muesli.

RA Deputy Minister of Economy Arman Khojoyan, who visited the exhibition, discussed with our beneficiaries the opportunities and challenges of their participation in state support programs.

In particular, Artur Nazaryan, the founder of “Yerpin” GC, informed that there were restrictions in exporting cheese to Russia. Mr. Khojoyan mentioned that he is familiar with the problem and promised to respond as quickly as possible.


MEEJ honey water in unique cups pleasantly surprised the deputy minister. The point is that Arman Khojoyan was one of the committee members in the AgriThon startup ideas competition of our Program, where Tigran Harutyunyan became a winner with his smart cup idea. “With the support of AGRI CAMP and thanks to your advice, I was able to establish a production of honey water in innovative cups. Now it has aroused interest among both local consumers and foreigners” – Tigran Harutyunyan said during the conversation with Mr. Khojoyan.


“Mornin” muesli, which is prepared with locally produced dried fruits, also attracted the attention of Arman Khojoyan. The Deputy Minister described it as a “specially important production” because it creates an opportunity for consumption of domestic quality dry fruits that do not have a commercial appearance.


During the three days of the event, the AGRI CAMP booths were bustling with activity. Foreign visitors bought in bulk, both as gifts and as samples for later exhibitions.

The “ArmProd Expo 2023” took place at the “Yerevan” EXPO exhibition complex on October 20 through 22.

For the beneficiaries of the USAID-funded AGRI CAMP Program this exhibition was another good opportunity to create effective and mutually beneficial business connections.