Trainings on Cultivation of High-Value Crops

From November 29 through December 8, AGRI CAMP jointly with the USAID funded Farmer to Farmer Armenia Program conducted 4 tow days trainings on the topic “Cultivation of high-value crops”, one of which took place in Spitak city of Lori region, the rest at the ICARE office.


Kate Dixon, an Expert invited from the USA, Organic Certification Inspector, the owner of Christensen’s farm, discussed with the participants a number of interesting and important topics: the characteristics of high-altitude crop cultivation, soil quality characteristics, effective use of soil, organic fertilization, the importance of cover crops, plant protection, timely harvesting and storage temperature of harvested crops, as well as methods of implementing the sale of the crops.


The participants also visited the operating greenhouses, got acquainted with the plants cultivated in the greenhouse and listened to the Expert’s practical advice on their cultivation.


At the end of the training Kate Dixon handed over to the participants the tools, seeds, seedling growing containers and t-shirts that he had brought with him by holding special games developed for that purpose.

The training was attended not only by farmers cultivating high-value crops, but also by ANAU lecturers, ICARE and AGRI CAMP Program experts, and those interested in the field.

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