Waffles with Peanut Butter

Student: Sargis Gevorgyan, ANAU Faculty of Agribusiness and Economics, German-language Master Program in Agricultural Management, 1st year

Topic: Waffles made with peanut butter


Sargis Gevorgyan, the AGRI CAMP Program grantee, wants to create healthy food for children and wishes there to be no hunger in the world.

Why did you decide to choose this research topic?

  • As a bachelor I have a specialization of Milk and Dairy Product and Infant Food Technology. The fact is that the waffles made with traditional butter of animal origin have been and continue to be a popular food for children for breakfast, but the high fat content of butter contributes to obesity and excess weight, which is a serious problem in the modern world. I thought that as an alternative we could offer waffles made of peanut butter, which will be interesting for both children and adults․
  • So, I applied to the Student Research Grants of the AGRI CAMP Program and got the opportunity to implement my idea. As a result of the research, also the economic benefits of this product are already clear for me.

How did your initial assumptions change during the process of research?

We experimented with two types of peanut butter, one with store-bought peanut butter and the other with home-made peanut butter. I supposed that a peanut butter waffle bought from a store would have a higher energy value, but it turned out not to be the case.


What new experiences have you obtained through participation in the AGRI CAMP Program?

  • This was my first attempt to apply for a grant and I succeeded.
  • I am permanently learning something new while researching, although this is not my first scientific research.


How does the scientific environment contribute to the research process?

  • The laboratories opened at the University and the University staff greatly contributed to the whole research process. It is very pleasant to work, think and create in such favorable conditions. We are surrounded by experienced professionals who are always by our side, willing to help and guide us.


How will the successful completion of the research affect your future professional career?

  • I suppose this research can become a good business idea in the future.
  • However, if I decide to continue research activity, most of my work will be focused not only on new solutions – the creation of economically viable and quality food, but also on the study of food waste management.


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Supervisor: Zaruhi Hoveyan, Researcher, ANAU

Activities outlined under this objective of the USAID-funded AGRI CAMP Program tend to empower ANAU students’ engagement in Research and Development.

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