YOGRIK – New Fermented Milk Technology

Research Title: Technology development of “Yogrik” sour milk product

Student-Researcher: Eduard Balayan, ANAU Faculty of Food Technology, Department of Milk, Dairy Products, Children’s and Functional Food Technology

Scientific Supervisor: Andrey Araksyants, PhD, Docent of the Chair of Processing Technologies of Livestock Products, ANAU

Research Objective: The aim of the research was to create and study a new lactic acid product technology. The idea was to get a superfood from yogurt and ricotta. Thanks to the special technology, the new product will not contain lactose and is useful for people with lactose intolerance, as well as for children and athletes.

Research Results:

  • On April 30, 2022, the grantee participated in the Student Republican Conference of the Gavar State University and made presentation on the topic “Development of Yogric Sour Dairy Technology”.
  • On May 23-28, 2022 he participated in the Student Scientific Week organized by the ANAU, during which at the interfaculty conference he presented the topic “Development of the first ingredient of the new food “Yogrik”. Having overcome the inter-faculty stage, the student participated in the inter-university stage.
  • The student developed and published three manuscripts.

B. Balayan, A.E. Araksyants. (2022) “Development of the First Component for The New “Yogric” Product”, Agriscience and technology, Armenian national agrarian university N 2(78)/2022. Available at https://library.anau.am/images/stories/grqer/agro-tex/2022-2/balayan_araksyants.pdf

B. Balayan, A.E. Araksyants. (2023) “Development of the Second Component for The New “Yogric” Product”, Agriscience and technology, Armenian national agrarian university Vol. 2(82)/2023. Available at https://library.anau.am/images/stories/grqer/agro-tex/2023-2/balayan_araksyants.pdf

E.B. Balayan, A.E. Araksyants. (2023) “ Development of New Sour Milk Production Technology”, Agriscience and technology, Armenian national agrarian university Vol. 3(83)/2023. Available at https://library.anau.am/images/stories/grqer/agro-tex/2023-3/balayan_araqksyants.pdf

Story Behind the Research

Why did you decide to choose this research topic?

  • Given that low-sugar dairy products are widespread in the world today and people tend to consume healthy foods, we decided to create a product that, being useful, would be a novelty in the field of Armenian dairy production.

How did your initial assumptions change during the process of research?

  • When the idea was born, I still could not fully understand its significance and the challenges ahead. I realized the importance and seriousness of the chosen topic when we started practical work. This initial stage, which I called “searching point”, not only allowed me to find the right technological modes and ferment, but also contributed to my personal development as a young scientist.


What new experiences have you obtained through participation in the AGRI CAMP Program?

  • The grant received from the AGRI CAMP Program helped me to realize my idea and improve my expertise. Laboratory conditions made it possible to choose the right ferment. Now I know how to get the same quality dairy every time.


How does the scientific environment contribute to the research process?

  • Having an opportunity of working in a laboratory equipped with the necessary equipment is a big advantage Plus, I have a great scientific supervisor and I am surrounded with knowledgeable people. It helps a lot, especially when you have an idea but don’t know how to implement it. Or when you start trying and it does not go as planned. In those moments the supervisor not only gives valuable advice, but also shows the most efficient way of solving the issue.

How will the successful completion of the research affect your future professional career?

  • Success will inspire me, of course, and the research will allow to create a new line of useful dairy products.
  • My supervisor once gave me a scientific journal in which there was an article about Professor Avetis Kalantar, the Armenian scientist in the field of dairy and animal husbandry. Thus, I learned that the internationally renowned professor had greatly contributed to the development of the dairy industry in Armenia. I hope one day I will also be known as a scientist who contributed to the strengthening of this field.