Establishment of a nursery

Armen Zakharyan has been engaged in gardening and fruits production in Ptghavan community, Tavush region for many years. He started nursery farming in the spring of 2019. Currently the Farmer owns 8 hectares (including newly established pear and cherry orchards) of peach, quince, almond and cherry orchards, and 1 hectare nursery for growing cuttings and rootstocks. The farm supplies its products (saplings and fruits) to the local market, cooperatives and farms, state and public charitable programs. Some of the products are being exported as well․

In order to develop and expand agribusiness, the farmer intended to establish an advanced and modern nursery to seedlings of different varieties, which are in great demand, and are distinguished by quality fruits and high yields. As there is a shortage in the market, the farmer needed to cultivate larger areas to increase the yield of the land.

With the support of the USAID-funded AGRI CAMP Program, the farmer received the Landmilling equipment, which will allow to increase agricultural work efficiency in the orchards.  The farmer acquired a grass miller as a co-investment, and established 1.5 ha pear orchard, 1 ha cherry orchard and 1 ha nursery in addition.