The Use of GIS Drones in Agriculture” Training for the ANAU Staff

AGRI CAMP experts Stepan Khachatryan (GIS expert) and Mihran Sahakyan (Drone expert) conducted a training for ANAU staff on “The use of GIS drones in agriculture”.

The training took place on June 21-23 and covered the following topics: “Background of GIS formation and its current state”, “GIS application in agriculture” and “Drone applications in agriculture”. The GIS application in the possible professional problems was also discussed, and the field research exercise with GPS and mobile application was conducted.


The first two days of the course were conducted at the ICARE office. At the final day of the training, which was devoted to “Drones application in agriculture”, participants visited the AgriHUB, where   drone flight was organized.


In addition to the main topics covered by the experts, the AGRI CAMP hosted a guest speaker Emin Martirosyan, the Managing Partner of SKYAGRO LLC. Mr. Martirosyan talked about the company’s experience in terms of drone applications in agriculture, highlighted interesting nuances and answered the questions of the participants. We express our gratitude to Mr. Martirosyan for sharing his experience with the AGRI CAMP training participants!