SAVAR – Fly Me to the Moon

Great success can be achieved even in a small village, if you can fly SAVARnel in your dreams and turn the dreams into goals.

Vardan, the founder of SAVAR, believed in his dreams since childhood. Growing up in one of the ancient and fertile villages of Armenia, Rind, which is distinguished by its picturesque hills and centuries-old vineyards, he dreamed of making his village’s name known all over the world and believed that today’s dream will become a reality sooner or later.

Rind and Aghavnadzor, where the SAVAR wine gardens are located at an altitude of 1350 meters, produce endemic grape varieties that characterize Armenian winemaking: Areni, Khatun Kharji, Voskehat, Tozot, Kakhet, etc. The beautiful mountains of the region, the nature full of Saryan colors, the vineyards and the wine make one contemplate and dream.


“A few years ago, when doing winemaking was still only in our minds and we were thinking about how to implement that idea, my uncle Vardan and I were both of the same opinion that the winery should be built in Rind in order to contribute to the village development and show that big dreams can be achieved even in a small community.” SAVAR Executive Director Nelly Abrahamyan said this words at the SAVAR Wines opening ceremony, which took place in Martiros Saryan’s house-museum on November 3, 2023.

The choice of the venue was not accidental. Saryan, the Armenian famous painter, also believed in his dreams. This is evidenced by the paintings of the great master, which make one rise above everyday life and soar, harmonizing with mother nature and the universe. It is also said that Saryan was a great connoisseur of wine and considered it a noble drink.


Guests of the evening enjoyed SAVAR red and white dry wines (2021 vintage) and rosé dry wine (2022 vintage).

The AGRI CAMP Program of the ICARE Foundation, implemented with USAID financing, also contributed to the winery’s success by providing the necessary equipment and involving the company in the processes aimed at expanding exports and attracting new markets.

It would seem that the founders of SAVAR have come a long way, which led them to today’s success. However, this is only the beginning of the sacred path, which was marked due to the dream of developing and promoting the native village.

Along with winning the hearts of Armenia’s wine lovers, SAVAR, joining the partners already investing in Rind, today tries to enter the international market, popularizing the village of Rind and its vineyards, nestled in the mountains of Vayots Dzor, Armenia. The wine tasting ceremony organized within the AGRI CAMP Program, with the participation of international wine journalists, sommeliers and wine specialists, was a serious incentive to present SAVAR wines to the world.

Another challenge was the company’s participation in the recently held IWSC 2024 Caucasian wines competition with the support of the Program. 22 out of 60 types of Armenian wines won medals in that competition, two of which were SAVAR red and white wines.


Those who know Vardan Sahakyan know that life’s difficulties never depressed him. With his enthusiasm, he was also able to inspire his niece Nelly, who had just started her career in the field of marketing and was helping Vardan in her spare time to set up the wine business.

When the company expanded, Nelly gladly accepted Vardan’s offer and became the CEO of SAVAR. Now, in parallel with her new position, she is studying at the EVN Wine Academy of the ICARE Foundation.

Like Vardan, Nelly also believes that hard work and devotion can turn the dream into reality.

As for us, we don’t simply believe it, we know for sure that very soon we will become witnesses of upcoming successes of SAVAR wines.