Uncorking Connections: B2B Workshop

On April 26, the USAID funded AGRI CAMP Program conducted “Uncorking Connections: Importers, Wine Producers, and HoReCa Businesses” B2B Workshop.

«Expansion of business relations between the beneficiaries of our Program and representatives of the HoReCa sector is the main purpose of this event», – Lusine Tadevosyan, the CoP of the AGRI CAMP Program said during her presentation.


The first part of the event was full of interesting presentations made by the field leading experts:«Introducing the acitivities of the Vine and Wine Foundation of Armenia» by Amalia Iskandaryan Viticulture and Wine Making Projects’ Expert and Hayarpi Shahinyan, International Projects’ Expert, “Understanding  Wine Market Trends” by Naira Mkrtchyan, Director at AgriConcept CJSC, “Providing Winemaking and Viticulture Services” by Vahe Keushgueryan, Founding Director at WineWorks CJSC, “Sustainable Viticulture: Irrigation” by Artak Gabrielyan, PhD, “Wine trends. Adapting to consumer preferences” by Mariam Saghatelyan, Partner, In Vino Wine Bar, “The ultimate guide for creating an exceptional wine list” by Artyom Mkrtchyan, Founder of the wine boutique “Decant wine shop & tasting room”,“From bioinformatics to wine: Innovations for Armenian Viticulture” by Maria Nikoghosyan, Researcher of RA Institute of Bioinformatics, «Innovative solutions in the field of oak barrels. Improving winemaking» by Ani Muradyan, Tonnellerie Nadalié Armenian representative.

After the presentations, the following grantees and partners of the AGRI CAMP Program presented their products and services:

Mijnaberd Alco, VanArdi, Aparteny, Stepanyan Gastro Yard, SAVAR wines, Sentimental wines, GN Winery, Matevosyan wine, Voskeni wines, Aratashen Winery LLC, Yeganyans’ Guest House and Wine Yard, Grigoryan Group Winery, Krya wines.


Beautiful music, wine testing and networking finalized the event.

«B2B workshops have proven their importance in promoting businesses. For the beneficiaries of the AGRI CAMP Progam, this event was an excellent opportunity for networking with the representatives of HoReCa sector for further cooperation», – Arthur Grigoryan, Director of the ICARE Foundation said.

More than 70 representatives from wine production sector, wine related input suppliers (yiest, cork, bottle, equipment, barrel), HoReCa and wine shop representatives as well as other stakeholders (Wine and Vine foundation, GIZ, FAST foundation, Armenian Bioinformatics Institute, etc) participated the event.