Agricultural Security

The StartUp Innovation:  Creation of a digital system that automatically informs about adverse conditions.

In the framework of AgriThon2 we talked with Liana Khachatryan, coordinator of the “Agricultural Security” startup project.

Participation in AgriThon2 Incubations        

  • Participation in the Incubations of AgriThon2 within the framework of the AGRI CAMP Program was very useful for us. We got important tools, new knowledge and expanded our contact I think communication and cooperation with mentors, trainers and participants was great advantage, which we enjoyed very much.
  • The goal of our startup is to create a digital system that will automatically notify about unfavorable conditions. It will contribute to the development of smart agriculture, increasing agricultural security and reducing agricultural risks.
  • We offer a system consisting of the following elements:
    • Database,
    • Sensors installed in the corresponding monitored area, which will regularly transmit the relevant information to the software environment performing checks.
    • A software environment that processes and performs appropriate checks, saving the data transmitted by the sensor,
    • A mobile application through which the user will follow the information.
  • The main idea is to regularly receive fresh information with the mobile application and to follow the statistical data obtained in graphic and tabular form, which is provided by the sensor designed to solve the individual problems of the businessman. For example, if we install a temperature sensor in the livestock barn, the temperature data will automatically be periodically sent to the database, after which the farmer, through the application downloaded to his mobile phone, can follow the temperature change. In case of non-compliance of the data with the permissible limits set by the user, the user will immediately receive a warning message, which will allow him to take necessary measures.
  • Along with the ICARE Foundation we also collaborate with the Ministry of Economy, the Labor Inspectorate, as well as TAS, Green Lane and World Vision.

The startup is to solve the following problems:            

  • Our motto is following: If you are aware, then you are protected.
  • All farmers are potential consumers of our product. The system offered by us will help them to take immediate measures in case of unfavorable microclimatic conditions, will reduce the risk of injury to the workforce during work, will protect the crop by reducing the risks caused by improper management of lighting, temperature, humidity.

Stages of the startup project implementation

  • We will attract consumers through personal tours and negotiations, as well as targeted advertisements posted on the Internet (for example, on agricultural pages on Facebook, etc.).
  • Direct sales will be carried out and an individual approach will be shown, depending on the peculiarities of the entrepreneur’s problem.
  • We will also work separately with farmers in order to provide awareness among them.

Team members: Liana Khachatryan (team coordinator), Liana Hakobyan, Aram Martirosyan, Ani Martirosyan

Address of the startup: Yerevan


AgriThon is a competition/platform for startup ideas with innovative solutions in the field of agriculture, implemented by the ICARE-Armenia Foundation within the framework of the USAID-funded AGRI CAMP Program.