Who is in the Background of the AGRI CAMP Program

Lusine Tadevosyan

Chief of Party

May 2020-present

Lusine Tadevosyan, Chief of Party of the AGRI CAMP Program has more than 10 years of experience in research & development, business consulting, and teaching.

Ms. Tadevosyan holds a Master’s degree in Economics (Agribusiness and Marketing) from the Armenian National Agrarian University (ANAU), studying at the Agribusiness Training Center (ICARE / ATC). For several years she has been a member of the Philadelphia Institute for Project Management and an Associate Member of the UK Institute of Consulting.

Along with her extensive experience in Research & Development, Lusine Tadevosyan is also a skilled expert in qualitative and quantitative data analysis, risk assessment, value chain analysis and feasibility studies. She has an extensive experience in the agri-food sector due to direct participation in various programs funded by international and local organizations.

Prior to taking over the leadership of the AGRI CAMP Program, as the Director of Research & Development at the ICARE Foundation, Lusine Tadevosyan collaborated with a number of international organizations (GIZ, UNDP, FAO, World Bank), contributing to the development of the agricultural sector in the country. In particular, under Lusine’s direct management a model for efficient water use was developed and introduced for Armenian fish farms in the scope of the USAID funded Sustainable Fisheries for Enhanced Water Resources in Armenia (PEER) project, as well as  a new system with international standards for statistical data collection has been introduced at the RA Statistical Committee in the scope of the FAO funded AGRISurvey Project..

Being an author/co-author of a number of scientific manuscripts, Lusine Tadevosyan has also participated in various international and local scientific conferences, receiving the Best Agricultural Research and Best Presentation awards.

Vahe Harutyunyan

Financial and Administrative Manager

May 2020-present

Vahe Harutyunyan, Financial and Administrative Manager of the AGRI CAMP Program has more than 30 years of experience in finance and accounting possessing key qualifications in management of finance for private and governmental organizations (including budgeting and implementation of budgetary control mechanism, financial reporting and internal audit) as well as management of complex tax and employment legislation in the context of resident and non-resident organizations.

Graduated from Yerevan Institute of National Economy with honor diploma, Mr. Harutyunyan then improved his professional qualifications at the USDA Graduate School in Chicago, IL and New Orlean, LA, studying Federal Accounting, Federal Finance Budgeting and Federal Finance Management.

Before joining the ICARE Foundation in 2005, Vahe Harutyunyan collaborated with a number of local and international organizations (ABA CEELI Inc. Armenian representation, American Chamber of Commerce in Armenia, USDA-MAP Armenia, EMG Representative Office in Armenia, World Vision Armenia, etc) as a Chief Accountant and Financial Manager.

Shahen Mirakyan

Grants Officer  

Component Coordinator

March 2021-present

Shahen Mirakyan joined the AGRI CAMP Program in May 2020 as Program Component Coordinator.
Prior to that, he worked at the ICARE Foundation as a Senior Researcher at the “Sustainable fisheries for Enhanced Water Resources in Armenia” (PEER, USAID) project, and as a trainer at the “Agriculture Career Awareness Campaign for School Children in selected marzes of Armenia and Impact Assessment of the School Food and Nutrition Program linked to the Agricultural Sector Pilot” FAO project. He also was involved as an expert in various agricultural programs implemented by the ICARE Armenia Foundation.

Graduated from the Armenian National Agrarian University (ANAU) and the International Center for Agribusiness Research and Education ICARE/ATC, Shahen Mirakyan since September 2018 is involved in the Agricultural Alliance of Armenia as an ICARE representative.

In November 2018, he received the Project Management for Development Professionals (PMD Pro) qualification from AMPG International.

He is a co-author of a number of scientific articles in the field of agriculture.

What is your area of ​​responsibility at the AGRI CAMP Program?

– The component for which I am responsible is quite wide. Within the framework of the Program we organize different trainings in various regions of Armenia for farmers, members of agricultural cooperatives and SMEs. We also provide technical assistance and limited co-investments to support the development or expansion of their agro-businesses.

What contributes to the success of the AGRI CAMP Program?
– I think the commitment of the team members and the team work matter. I very much enjoy our teamwork. Most of the good results we get due to our teamwork activities.

What change will the AGRI CAMP bring due to the successful accomplishment of your Program Component?

– Within the component that I currently coordinate, we strive to strengthen the businesses of the Program beneficiaries – the SMEs and farmers, increase their productivity, and develop rural entrepreneurship. We expect that at least 300 people will participate in the knowledge advancing and capacity building trainings organized within the Program. At least 20 agribusinessmen will be able to strengthen and expand their businesses du to the technical support, limit limited co-investments and in-kind grants provided within our component. Within the limited period of the Program life, we are doing our best to contribute to the recovery of the economy of the country affected by COVID-19.

Narek Avetisyan

Grant Officer

Innovation team lead

(June 2022-April 2023)

Tigranuhi Bayramyan

Procurement Manager

Tigranuhi Bayramyan joined the AGRI CAMP Program in February 2023 as a Procurement Manager.

Within the framework of the Program, Tigranuhi is responsible for all procurements, contracts with suppliers, service providers and grantees, equipment and goods handover-acceptance process, verification of issued invoices and certificates, preparation of documents for transfers, as well as other duties arising from the position.

After graduating from the Yerevan branch of the St. Petersburg Institute of Foreign Economic Relations, Economics and Law, Tigranuhi Bayramyan received a Bachelor of Law degree.

Having held administrative positions since 2012, she has gained extensive experience in organizing multicultural and cross-cultural events and coordinating large-scale events.

In particular, she was involved in a non-governmental organization implementing animal husbandry development programs and, at different times, worked in five other programs.

Being a friendly, positive, quick-adapting and team-minded person, Tigranuhi Bayramyan, in addition to her direct duties, willingly participates in the organizational activities of various events of the Program, gladly sharing her previous experience with her teammates.

Ruzanna Melyan

Outreach & Communications Consultant

March 2021-present

Ruzanna Melyan joined the AGRI CAMP Program in 2021 as an Outreach & Communications Consultant.

In 1996 she got her Master’s Degree in Political Science and International Relations from AUA and changed her career as a TV Reporter to apply her knowledge and professional skills in the sphere of country development.

Thus, prior to joining the AGRI CAMP team, Ruzanna Melyan was involved in various development projects funded by the Norwegian Refugee Council, the World Bank, the Council of Europe and USAID as a Public Relations Advisor, Public Education and Behavior Change Communication Specialist, Community Development Manager.

During the resent years Ruzanna managed activities of Community Mobilization and Community Development Teams at the two different USAID-funded Projects. With Ruzanna’s initiative and under her direct management the Teams designed Community Development and Community Mobilization Model, which was successfully applied by different development projects in more than 200 communities of Armenia.

Ruzanna Melyan is a co-author of a number of books on adult education, public education and message development.

In 2016 Ruzanna completed Professional Coach Certification Program by Erickson International, a leading institute for quality professional coach programs, and been awarded Golden Certificate.

Lusine Hovhannisyan

Project Assistant

August 2021-present

Lusine Hovhannisyan joined the AGRI CAMP Program in August, 2021 as a Program Assistant.

Graduated from Artsakh State University and holding Masters degree in History of Armenia, Lusine before that has been working as a teacher in Karin Tak village, Artsakh.

In September 2020, after the fall of the village, Lusine moved to Yerevan with her family and joined ICARE-Armenia Foundation where she got an opportunity to expand her knowledge and skills.

AGRI CAMP opened even more perspectives for Lusine. Currently, within the framework of the  AGRI CAMP Program, Lusine Hovhannisyan is involved in organization of trainings in different regions and communities of Armenia. In addition, she gained new technical skills to manage the Program webpage and support teammates with various technical issues.

As a highly proactive person, Lusine Hovhannisyan actively participates in various Program trainings to improve her knowledge and skills on an on-going basis.

Hasmik Hayrapetyan

Capacity Building Manager

(March 2021- June 2022)

Hasmik Hayrapetyan joined the  AGRI CAMP Program in March 2021 as Capacity Building Manager.

Hasmik holds Master’s degree in Agribusiness from the National Agrarian University of Armenia (ANAU) and the International Center for Agribusiness Research and Education (ICARE / ATC).

Prior to joining the AGRI CAMP Program, since 2018, Hasmik has been involved as a Project Researcher and Senior Researcher in various programs implemented by ICARE and funded by international organizations such as FAO, IFC and UNDP.  Hasmik conducted a market analysis of Armenian horticultural products in the Middle East, acted as a trainer, expert, as well as a short-term program coordinator.

Currently Hasmik Hayrapetyan, within the framework of the AGRI CAMP Program, coordinates the process of preparation and conduct of trainings for ANAU students, staff, graduates, youth interested in agriculture, and young professionals as well as the process of providing research grants to ANAU students.

In addition, Hasmik, with her excellent organizational skills and analytical thinking, greatly contributes to the successful resolution of the various challenges encountered during the implementation of the project.

What change will the AGRI CAMP bring due to the successful accomplishment of the activities outlined under the Objective you lead?

  • Activities outlined under the Objective I lead tend to empower ANAU students, staff, graduates and other beneficiaries to develop their knowledge and soft skills. By participating in our trainings the target groups will learn innovative agricultural approaches and obtain modern knowledge and skills necessary to meet the market demand. In addition, students interested in research and development will get professional guidance as well as research grants for conducting experimental researches in their professional field I strongly hope that it will greatly contribute to their professional development. I also believe that the Program efforts will contribute to the scientific development of Armenia’s agro-sector.

What especially do you like about the AGRI CAMP Program?

  • When I joined the Program, I started working with the younger generation. Realizing that they are really interested in self-development and eager to learn I got even more motivate It makes me happy when I observe the enlightened faces of the students and other beneficiaries of the Program. It is the best appreciation of my work.

Anahit Hayrapetyan 

Procurment & Grants Manager

(March 2021- April 2023)

Anahit Hayrapetyan joined the AGRI CAMP Program in March, 2021 as Procurement and Grants Manager.

Anahit has more than 7 years of work experience in the field of procurement.

Graduated from the Armenian National Agrarian University and the ICARE/ATC, Anahit also holds a Diploma Supplement in Master of Business Administration from ATEI of Thessaloniki (Erasmus Mundus Program).

She started her career as an Administrative Assistant in one of the largest retail companies and became a Procurement Officer shortly after.

As a Procurement and Grants Manager of the AGRI CAMP Program she currently is responsible for procurement operations and grants management. Development of specifications, drafting competitive tenders and proposals for procurement of goods and services, preparation and review of supplier and service provider contractual agreements – this is an incomplete list of operations carried out by Anahit. She also reviews grant proposals and assists the Program team for grant disbursement as well as assists Program grants recipients in preparing expense reports.

Moreover, with her excellent organizational and communication skills, Anahit on her own initiative helps her teammates achieve the Program goals.

What do you especially value in your work?

  • It is a very challenging and interesting experience for me. The most interesting part in this position is negotiations. I have to interact with different people, and I value the quality of that communication a lot. You have to search and negotiate for the best price-quality ratio, and it depends on your approach what result you will get. I love my job and I do my best to get the best offers for the Program.

What contributes to the success of the AGRI CAMP Program?

  • The teamwork, I believe. Our team is small and without helping each other it would be difficult to achieve the results envisaged by the program. Each of us feels responsible not only for our immediate activities but also for the work done by others. We all help each other on own initiatives, especially when preparing for big events.

You are a mother of two small kids. How do you manage family life and work?

  •   AGRI CAMP is my second family. I like the solidarity of the team members and the supportive approach of each of them. When you love your job, challenges are easily overcome, including personal ones.

According to your teammates, you are a very bright and enthusiastic person and a very good singer. How do you spend your leisure time?

  • I like spending time with my family and friends. Unfortunately, lately there are many reasons for sadness, but I do not give up and do not let others despair.

Anna Hovhannisyan

AgriThone Innovative Agricultural Start-up Competition Coordinator

Anna Hovhannisyan joined the AGRI CAMP Program in August 2021 as a AgriThone Innovative Agricultural Start-up Competition Coordinator.

She holds Master’s degree in Agribusiness from the National Agrarian University of Armenia (2016) and a Graduate Certificate from Texas A&M University (ICARE / ATC). Prior to joining the AGRI CAMP Program Anna has worked at various projects funded by international organizations as a Project Coordinator (Black See Project); Marketing and Value Chain Expert (M4M Project, CARD Foundation); Modeling Expert (“Improving Feed Supply in the Armenian Dairy Sector”, CARD-FAO); Researcher (Agricultural Census Dissemination Monitoring and Evaluation, CARD – USAID), etc.

Since 2014 she has been part of more than 60 local and international projects on youth, social life, product development, community engagement and so on.

At present Anna Hovhannisyan coordinates all the activities of the AGRI CAMP Program’s AgriThon.  AgriThon is a contest/platform that brings together diverse specialists, including female rural entrepreneurs, software developers, engineers, and other relevant partners  to further pursue productivity and other demand-driven solutions in agriculture. AgriThon helps the participants coming from various marzes of Armenia to improve their understanding of innovative solutions. The most innovative, creative, impactful and sustainable products/services receive funding from the Program for their development and promotion.

Anna also coordinates various agricultural programs implemented by ICARE and other international organizations.

What especially do you like about the AGRI CAMP Program?

  • I work with great enthusiasm with newly developing ideas. I am glad that by joining the AGRI CAMP team, I got the opportunity to contribute to the implementation of new agricultural ideas. This is one of the priority areas for Armenia in terms of introducing and testing innovations in the agricultural Being part of this wonderful Program, I am getting improved myself day by day, both personally and professionally.

What change will the AGRI CAMP bring due to the successful accomplishment of the activities you lead?   

  • The successes, of course, are mainly the result of teamwork. Our agriculture and science will benefit from the success of our work, and we will have our contribution in building modern agro-industry and economy. AgriThon is not only a competition, but also a unique platform that brings together agricultural professionals, rural entrepreneurs, software developers, engineers and other professionals. We have already proved that AgriThon provides a creative and stimulating atmosphere, enabling teams from all over Armenia, led by mentors and experts, to refine their ideas. The most innovative, creative, impactful and sustainable products/services receive funding from the Program to support their development and promotion.

Aram Zakaryan

Capacity Building Manager   
(Jul 2022- Jan 2023)