Innovative Agriculture Training and Learning Camp (AGRI CAMP) Program

Funding organization: USAID/Armenia

Implementing partner: ICARE Foundation

Period of performance: May 2020 – Dectember 2026

Program Goal: AGRI CAMP strives to promote the development of innovative agriculture in Armenia by fostering triangular partnership between industry sector, students, young professionals and agripreneurs through hands-on and innovative agricultural training and skills building as well as by providing in-kind grants for agribusiness expansion.

The core of the Program is the further enhancement of regional agricultural cooperatives/farmers/SMEs, promotion of market growth, as well as establishment of new connections with international distributors for increasing export volumes. All this as well as in-kind grants and technical assistance are aimed at ensuring long-term food security in the regions of Armenia.

The AgriCamp Practical Learning Center established within the framework of the Program will serve as a training center for developing the capacities and skills of the Program beneficiaries, and the AgriHUB will also serve as a creative platform/workshop for discovering the innovative potential of students, young professionals and agro-entrepreneurs, promoting women’s involvement and leadership in research, innovation and entrepreneurship.

AGRI CAMP Program Objectives

AGRI CAMP expectations by the end of the Program

  • Establishment and functioning of the AgriCamp Practical Learning Center and the AgriHUB creative platform / workshop
  • More than 200 students / graduates and faculty members of the Agrarian University trained in innovative agricultural approaches and technologies.
  • At least 1100 members of cooperatives / SMEs / farmers enhance their knowledge and skills.
  • In-kind grants provided to selected 95 agribusinesses for business expansion.
  • At least 1,300 female agripreneurs and farmers trained in adopting new farm practices and innovative solutions to ensure productivity increase.
  • At least 15 female students provided with research grants and professional guidance.
  • At least 80 innovative start-up teams /both in seed stage and growing stage / received mentorship, at least 6 of which received startup development grants.
  • More than 3 wine tour events organized in cooperation with international wine distributors.
  • At least 3 B2B events organized to create practical and reliable connections between industry representatives.
  • More than 155 Program beneficiaries participated in major national and international events (conferences, exhibitions, exchange visits, study tours, etc.).