“Easy Farm” Application

The StartUp Innovation:  The “Easy Farm” Application gives users the opportunity to buy not agricultural products, but a “means” by which they will be able to determine the unit cost of the food, as well as to participate in the creation of environmentally friendly products.

In the framework of AgriThon2 we talked with Agassi Gyurjoghlyan, Coordinator of the “Easy Farm” startup project.

Participation in AgriThon2 Incubations        

  • Participation in AgriThon2 Incubations within the framework of the AGRI CAMP Program helped us assess our startup more accurately. Our cooperation with mentors and trainers played an important role in that matter. We also appreciate the new connections and acquaintances obtained through the AgriThon.

The startup is to solve the following problems:            

  • The agricultural sector is one of the key components of our country’s economy, which provides about 12% of the GDP (according to 2019 data). About 317,000 farms provide 97% of the gross agricultural output, each of which has 1.48 hectares of land. 24.3% of the employed persons in the Republic of Armenia work in agricultural sector. Taking into account the fact that the sector is considered an important branch for the development of the economy, there is a need to create a toolkit that promotes the latter’s development. The mentioned program not only solves the problem of creating additional value in the field of agriculture, but also promotes digital agriculture and technological innovation.
  • Within the framework of the project proposed by us, a platform will be developed that will enable the urban society, particularly representatives of the IT sector who live far from rural communities, to make the village accessible to them without territorial barriers.
  • The results of researches and surveys show that there are a number of problems among people who want to engage in, for example, breeding of agricultural animals, as well as other agricultural activities, but do not have suitable space, knowledge and skills. The proposed platform helps to solve all problems related to distance, space and Moreover, the site will help those who do not have relevant knowledge to engage in agricultural work without any obstacles.
  • Although there are websites on the market that give people the opportunity to buy and sell agricultural products, but they are manageable, because very often the seller is not the producer, but the reseller. Our website gives the opportunity of managing and using the created product by a direct owner of certain agricultural capital.
  • The application allows users who want to purchase an agricultural product to register both as a partner and as a buyer.
  • Announcements and news related to the field of agriculture will also be posted on the platform.

Team members: Agassi Gyurjoghlyan (Team Coordinator), Nelly Vardanyan, Aram Tonoyan, Yuri Tonoyan, Anna Martirosyan

Address of the startup: Gyumri, Shirak marz


AgriThon is a competition/platform for startup ideas with innovative solutions in the field of agriculture, implemented by the ICARE-Armenia Foundation within the framework of the USAID-funded AGRI CAMP Program.