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Creating an application that will unite wine lovers, wine producers and sellers in one platform providing a unique environment for acquaintance, dissemination and sale of information.

Within the framework of AgriThon, we talked to Nairi Grigoryan,  the My Wine App  startup project team leader:

About the startup project 

– The idea came to me in 2014-2016, when I was a student at EVN Wine Academy. While studying Armenian winemaking and the Armenian wine market, I discovered that few people are familiar with the wines of small wineries. Small producers do not have a website to introduce their wines, and they are not active on social networks. As a result, the products of small wineries are sold less.

– Over the years, I have met with like-minded people with whom we have begun to think about how we can help small wine producers.

– This is how our team of highly qualified professionals was created and we decided to apply to AgriThon1 with our “My Wine App” startup idea.

– The main goal of “My Wine App” is to create an application that will unite wine lovers, wine producers and sellers in one platform, providing a unique environment for information sharing, acquaintance, dissemination and sale.

– There is no precedent for such an application in the Armenian market yet. The app will provide:

    • Professional information about wines (type of grape and growing season, year, as well as the combination of the wine with the type of food);
    • Published opinions of wine lovers and sommelier;
    • Rating data;
    • Opportunity to order wine.


– In the future we plan to have a reservation system with wine tasting halls, wine tour operators and wine festival organizers.

– The application will be trilingual.

– The database will include all the wines available in the Armenian market and new types of wines.

About participation in the AgriThon’s first stage of Incubation 

– Working with mentors and participating in distance learning courses of the AgriThon’s first stage of Incubation, we were able to best clarify our idea and make it more workable. Our startup idea became a complete business plan thanks to AgriThon. Numerous personal contacts and gained due to AgriThon1 also contributed to our success, – the team leader said.

Team Members: Nairi Grigoryan (team leader), Armen Simonyan, Astghik Barseghyan, Lilit Mnatsakanyan, Gagik Simonyan, Mikayel Mikayelyan


AgriThon is a competition/platform for startup ideas with innovative solutions in the field of agriculture, implemented by the ICARE-Armenia Foundation within the framework of the USAID-funded AGRI CAMP program.

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