AGRI CAMP Program supported small winemakers to participate in the “Yerevan Wine Days 2023” festival

From June 2 to 4 with the support of the AGRI CAMP Program 8 small producers had a unique opportunity to participate in the “Yerevan Wine Days” festival, enriching the assortment of the event with their unique wines.

Apart from locals, many tourists and wine lovers from over the world participated in this outstanding wine celebration. During the festival days the central streets of Yerevan were full of booths representing various brands of wine. At the always busy “Small Producers” pavilion of the AGRI CAMP Program located on Tumanyan Street the following companies presented their product:

– Yeganyans’ Guest House and Wine Yard-Yeganyan’s wine

– Artur Mnatsakanyan՛s Gastro Yard- Arktur

– Stepanyans Gastro Yard- Stepanyan wines

– RL wines LLC- Shoror Wines,

Yogwines LLC- Yog Wines

– Wine mets LLC- Yerevak,

– SP Gohar Gharibyan- WineGog,

– Arm Vino LLC- Araz Wine.

By the way, four of the presented brands – Shoror, WineGog, Yerevak and YogWines – were made by students of the EVN Wine Academy of the ICARE-Armenia Foundation. “I am happy to present at this festival my Yog Wines, made of Areni and Khndoghni,”- said Lobhana Ahale, student of the EVN Wine Academy from India.

Thus, thanks to the AGRI CAMP Program the students of the EVN Wine Academy got the opportunity to present their products to the various visitors of this outstanding festival, which was attended by about 20 thousand foreigners.

From year to year the “Yerevan Wine Days” festival expands and becomes livelier. The small producers who participated in the festival with the help of the AGRI CAMP Program expressed their satisfaction, noting that it was interesting and inspiring to present their products together in one pavilion.