About AgriHUB

The establishment of AgriHUB through the AGRI CAMP Program is underway. AgriHUB is a creative platform/workshop for nurturing, incubating and accelerating successful and effective agricultural and agro-technology ideas, prototypes, products, and services. AgriHUB will serve to unleash the innovative potential of students, young professionals and agricultural entrepreneurs in Armenia.


AgriHUB will serve as a center for practical training and inclusive learning for youth coming from all around Armenia who are eager to learn and experiment with up-to-date agricultural technologies, as well as create cross-sector synergies among agribusiness, high tech, tourism, education, wellness, and healthcare, etc.


We see AgriHUB as a broader concept and envision that this successful platform will expand into a professional business and learning network for youth and professionals around Armenia engaging other stakeholders of the agricultural and academic sector. AgriHUB will be located in the buildings and the surrounding agricultural plot owned by ICARE Foundation in Proshyan Community which is near Yerevan.